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Interesting Events

City and People

Modern Art Competition ArtPreview

Modern art competition ArtPreview is growing bigger and stronger each year. Cityscape and people" is the first larger venue, one of the many planned for this year by ArtPreview organizers. The exhibition is opening in the White Hall of the Vernadsky Museum.

Museum's windows are facing Kremlin and thus it looks like Moscow itself is presenting at the exhibition one of its most spectacular views. This exhibition is as divers as Moscow views and its inhabitants. Artists from different countries, famous and less so, from the capital city and the province, came together within the framework of the ArtPreview competition in order to tell visitors their colorful stories. Lisbon, New-York, Yaroslavl, Moscow and on - such is the route of this year's competition. Artist's personal vision of the cityscape allows viewer to look at the surrounding world at unexpected, surprising angles. After all, how much beauty - covert and overt, amazing life stones and great opportunities surround us in the big megapolis if we just slow down and look closer.

The exhibition comprises over 40 artworks by established modern landscape painters, participants of the ArtPreview competition, artists from 5 cities. Cityscapes, city genre works, colorful stories about lively megapoiis or an old town from childhood memories and dreams.

Olga Reznikova. Southern City Saida Afonina. People Puppets
Olga Reznikova. Southern City. 2007 Saida Afonina. People Puppets. 2012
Maks Haase. Rain Maks Haase. Dead Lane
Maks Haase. Rain. 1990 Maks Haase. Dead Lane. 1983
Valeriya Hannanova. Passerby Aleksandr Kandashuk. First Snow. Kuskovo
Valeriya Hannanova. Passerby. 2009 Aleksandr Kandashuk. First Snow. Kuskovo. 2011
Levan Urushadze. Street of the old Lisbon Tamara Vehova. Southern Small Town
Levan Urushadze. Street of the old Lisbon. 2009 Tamara Vehova. Southern Small Town. 2012
Natalya Novikova. First Snow. Moscow City B. Novikov. Moscow Lane
Natalya Novikova. First Snow. Moscow City. 2011 B. Novikov. Moscow Lane. 1972
Aleksey Shkurat. Smolensk court yard Vyacheslav Korolkov. The Old Bridge
Aleksey Shkurat. Smolensk court yard. 1995 Vyacheslav Korolkov. The Old Bridge. 2009
Aleksandr Kolotilov. Moscow City Andrey Vereschagin. Third day of Christmas week
Aleksandr Kolotilov. Moscow City Andrey Vereschagin. Third day of Christmas week
Viktor Rash. Delhi. Main Bazaar Nikolay Korobeynikov. NY City
Viktor Rash. Delhi. Main Bazaar. 2010 Nikolay Korobeynikov. NY City. 2010
Aleksandr Starodubov. Yauza Boulevard. January Valeriy Yaroslavtsev. Autumn Blues
Aleksandr Starodubov. Yauza Boulevard. January. 2012 Valeriy Yaroslavtsev. Autumn Blues. 2006

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