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Let me remark tangentially that a thumping majority of our Earth homo sapiens has no idea about real capabilities of this eighth miracle of the world (or it might be already the tenth miracle) – the Great All-Planet Data Depositary. Though I can quite presume that with all my experience and skills I have no right at all to pretend to a perfect ability for using its immense data storage.

A. Strugatsky, B. Strugatsky
“A Beetle in Ant Colony”

Only some decades have passed, and this Great All-Planet Data Depositary has become materialized from some fiction insight to the World Wide Web.

And the world’s first website appeared in Internet on August, 6, 1991 at the address: http://info.cern.ch. It was created by Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, an outstanding British scientist, who developed URI, URL, HTTP, HTML and generated the World Wide Web.

Nobody knows how many websites are existing now: millions, billions, trillions and nobody can predict their number in the future. Some provoking question is arising: Do we need so many of them after all? Yes, we do. The question is in their quality: they should be implemented as integrity of their technical, functional and aesthetic constituents – informative, easy-to-use and appealing to the eye.

A well-built website solves many pragmatic tasks in the context of different spheres of human life: it can be used as information resource, marketing tool, mass communication medium, software engineering product, web-designer artwork, money-to-earn means and self expression instrument… No doubt that functional features and application of websites will be permanently enhancing and updating.

Website is a comprehensive project, designated for solving specific Customer’s objectives. To create an efficient website of full value, it is required to reach a uniform understanding and coordinated efforts from both the Customers and Developers. To start the ball rolling, one should fill-in the questionnaire that will enable to elaborate the would-be site concept, define its technical and imaginary solution and elaborate its design specifications.

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Web design, Website creation

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