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Rebranding, renaming, redesign, restyling

All these terms mean a package of all-embracing actions aimed to update and upgrade the existing brand of Company. "A time-changing look in a ever-changing world" is an objective requirement and an inevitable condition for development of any company, from a small-sized firm to a gigantic corporation.

In 1903 David Dunbar Buick restructured its company, specialized in gasoline engine production into car manufacturing enterprise "Buick Motor Company", which in 1908 became the "pillar" of General Motors empire. During its century-long existence the corporate identity of this brand was subjected to rebranding, restyling and redesign repeatedly.


Originally for its logo, the Company used variations of letters "Buick" in italics.


In 30’s, when specialty cars of high class were launched, this logo was replaced by a new one, based on the coat-of-arms of Buick family originated from Scotland: "Reddish shield with a silvery belt with cerulean from the left downwards to the right; below belt there was a cross pierced in the center, above the belt there was a beheaded image of a deer head with an engrailed neck". This logo design underwent several changes.


In 1960 three coats of arms were incorporated into the emblem that symbolized three models launched into production: LeSabre, Invicta and Electra (reddish, silvery and cerulean).

In 1975 this logo was changed again, when a new line of model cars was launched; cars with a new logo "Hawk" appeared to be more affordable and less fuel-consuming.


However, in late eighties, when "Hawk" life came to end, Buick got back to "three shields" again. And afterwards with every coming year heraldic elements were becoming more stylish and updated.

If branding is an art of "building" a long-term buyer’s preference for certain trade mark, then rebranding is a process for rehabilitating the tools of business identification. Such serious-minded approach requires high responsibility, professionalism and expertise. Make use of services to be kindly offered by Bureau Bulengrin Ltd.

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