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Multimedia presentations

A splendid idea becomes worthless if it is badly expressed. And if it is repeated, it gets one bored.


Presentation (Lat. – praesentatio) is an official representation of Company, its products, projects and services to the persons concerned. What the presentation is required for? There is one system notion in business – "perceived value" – a apprehended value or usefulness to be expected by the user from any product or service. In other words, it is a subjective evaluation of tangible and intangible properties of goods (for instance, ability to satisfy one’s hunger or to enhance the owner’s status). The more the intangible value is perceived, the bigger is the interest to it and the higher is assessment. To impart a perceived value to the object under presentation in a convincing way and with a competitive lift is akin to craftsmanship.

Foremost, creation of presentation is a dramaturgy of information. Presentation should not be about the "Subject" but must be audience-oriented. The visual constituent should be also designated for listeners.

Our Art Director is good in creating effective specimens of multimedia presentations and makes this work with a real pleasure. His creativity, analytical ply of the mind, drafting skills, knowledge and good command of all possible software successfully implement a unique style in all graphic designs he makes. All customers did not exaggerate, when they expressed their satisfaction for his deliverables.

Any presentation is an individual product oriented for specific purposes of concrete entity and should be designated to represent its identity. From moral point of view, it is not expedient to publish a portfolio for public review.

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