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Verba efficiant quod significant
Any word is efficient in so far as it is significant.

Thomas Aquinas

"Perhaps you think that name has no role? Wrong you are, young man! The name for a ship is just as important as the name for a man. The same is for a vessel. Should you name as "Hercules" or "Hero", no ice will jam it. But if you call it a "Bucket", it will be afloat seesaw and sure as hell it will keel up at slack sea.

That is why I had analyzed dozens of names before I made my choice for the name that is worth of beautiful yacht. I named it "Victory". Here is a lovely name for my lovely boat! This is the name that I will not feel ashamed on the vast of ocean!" The gist of "naming" notion is so legibly and clearly revealed in above-said words cited from a well-known humorous story "Adventures of Captain Wroungel".

Naming is a process of creating a certain business name, brand name and verbal trade-mark, in terms of essential tools of business identification.

The name is the foundation of a brand and has to be strong enough to be able to support it. Yet besides being the foundation, the name is also the first contact with the consumer. When picking up a proper name, one is bound to take account of its potentials: reliability, life-span and its further development, and hence, any market value rise, as well as capitalization of steady goodwill.

What does human brain is capable to memorize best of all? Recent research showed that the best thing our brain keeps in its memory is something, which is inimitable, creative and outstanding from the others.

The name itself gives the very first impression about your company to any potential consumer. A usual, commonplace name will signify just "one of numerous enterprises, similar in business" and, therefore, will never be recalled. One of underlying principles in marketing says "make your company peculiar and individual by creating your own distinctions". So, try to choose a distinctive and unique name too, because naming matters.

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