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Logo Development

An iceberg motion looks majestic because one can see its only one-eighth part above the ocean surface.

E. Hemingway

During entire history a man has been using signs and symbols enabling to differentiate, identify, understand as well as to guide, warn and inform each other. A logotype is among them (in Greek logo means a word and typos – word print). This term was used at the beginning of 19th century to represent small print forms consisting of several letters frequently used. Later on people started referring it to the company name or its product, outlined in original letters (complete or abbreviated), molded in the form of solid printing plate. Nowadays this term is often abridged to “logo” in spelling.

The history of the world’s famous logo dates back to May, 1886, when John Pemberton, a local pharmacist in Atlanta (Georgia, USA), elaborated a new formula of wonder syrup for curing headaches, melancholy and other neuropathy. He offered his drink to Jacob’s Pharmacy. At that very day the first portions of syrup were sold at the price of five cents per glass. Frank Robinson, a Pemberton’s friend and accountant, suggested they should name it as "Syrup and Coca-Cola Extract", and even more simply - "Coca-Cola". He reasons that two letters "C" will catch the eye of anyone reading the advertisements. And without any hesitation he wrote Coca-Cola in his account book. Thus, thanks to Robinson’s reasoning and by one stroke of his pen, a logo of new product was thus developed. By the end of May the first ad appeared in local "Atlanta Daily Journal" saying "Coca-Cola - a new tonic beverage, stunningly tasty, refreshing and energizing".

After a little while, "Jacob’s Pharmacy" sellers began to mix this syrup with carbonated water, and nobody knows, by the way, whether it was by chance or with intent. Till the end of that year Pemberton managed to sell only 25 gallons (not more than 100 liters) of syrup that equaled to 3200 glasses per year. Revenues from sales amounted to 50$ only, while advertising costs were by 1.5 times greater. In 1888 John Pemberton passed away in the grip of poverty, having not realized that he was the Father of "American dream filled in bottles". The syrup formula, stored in the "Trust Company of Georgia" Bank safe box, is known only to some privies, in spite of the fact that daily sales of products bearing Coca-Cola logo in 195 countries amount to 700,000,000 drinks, whereas the Coca-Cola Company is the biggest and multi-branch production and distribution network in the world now.

Its logo, which has been used since 1886, was officially registered as a trade mark in the USA in January, 31, 1893. Today it is recognizable by 94% of global population.

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