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Graphic design

Our readers are privileged people for they live in this epoch. In sadness the surrounding world of academic conservatism will once bring to light a beauty of new forms, even by contrast.

Our epoch has no style and no form of language historically fixed in a unique way. We shall turn away from style, using a great freedom of expression; technologies in their continuous progress make everything possible by negating stability.

Gio Ponti

These words of Gio Ponti, a famous Italian architect, designer and illustrator, are perhaps the best definition for the term "design".

An image of mammoth, depicted by a primaeval artist, is used for relevant illustration on this electronic page. Primaeval or primitive art - an ancient data field – clearly marks the milestone, when a Homo sapiens appeared. Design, which is as old as Homo sapiens itself for millennium years, originally serves to satisfy its needs in the world of man-made objects, providing the harmony of "usefulness and beauty".

An English word “design” is the result of professional efforts in developing visual and functional properties of some object. The word "Industrial Design" or its professionally abbreviated version "Design" was officially accepted as the most competent term in 1959 at the ICSID’s First General Assembly (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design). Design is derived from the following generating inceptions: economics, technologies, production, innovations, psychology, culture and a long time age it overrun the boundaries of commercial servicing. Design brings solutions to numerous complex social and technical problems of consumption, man’s life in the world of objects, makes an impact on our behavior and forms up the environment.

Graphic design, based on the sketch art, has its own expressive capabilities too: pictorial, decorative and fonts. The purpose of today’s graphic design is to create a visual (visible) language of communication. The other equal ranking function of graphic design is an aesthetic one, based on artistic endeavour that takes account of emotion-based and society-stipulated features of human perception of visual information.

Business can not exist free of visual communication system, where graphic design is a vital tool.

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Ancient graphic design

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