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Exhibitions, conferences and workshops

Let all the peoples be involved in the greatest mission- perfection of humanity by upgrading.

A motto, proclaimed by the 1-st World Fair in London, 1851

All well-known tools of communication, Internet concluding, can not replace exhibitions and fairs. An exhibition is a unique comprehensive system with available feed-back that boosts all operations. Participation in exhibition allows every exhibitor to make an adequate company positioning at the market, product testing and contacts with customers, partners, competitors, target visitors, officials and mass media representatives.

As a rule, 95% of company representatives, who are in charge of decision-making for purchases, meet their suppliers at exhibition sites. 40% of sale volumes are achieved due to exhibition participation. Such data is supplied by UFI (Union des Foires Internationales), represented by 40 national and international professional associations, leading event organizers and exhibition site operators. So, why not to take any advantage of exhibitions in order to earn future money instead of saving on exhibition participation.

At present any leading specialized exhibition is "a mirror of the market and the event of the year". To make it mostly efficient for the company operations, one is required to make use of all relevant marketing technologies during this event.

Russia’s history of fairs has centuries-old roots dating back to pre-Mongol period. In spite of such ample experience, the process of preparation and participation in exhibitions does not require only finance resources, but it also needs properly devised technologies, arrangement efforts and routine painstaking work. Previous experience and its follow-up can not be of help at all: there is an ever-going shift in personnel, conditions and re-targeting.

Numerous practical guides, manuals and recommendations are available to assist in pre-event preparations and exhibition participation.

What is a distinctive mission of Bureau Bulengrin in the sphere of exhibitions? A synthesis of professional skills with substantial expertise in exhibitions and congresses, including the World Fairs, has taught us "very simple but magic things". Should you contact us, we are ready to exchange our knowledge and experience.

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Phone: +7 499 9408354
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