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If I were a tsar, I would have ordained the law according to which any writer, who is using any word that he is not able to explain, should be denied the right to write and is to be whipped with birch-rods 100 times

Lev Tolstoy

The Russian language has always been open for foreign borrowings. Borrowings from Greek, Latin, Turkic languages, Frenchism, Ukrainism, as well as words adopted from Dutch, German and English languages have been gradually assimilated by the Russian language in different historical epochs, enriching and expanding its capabilities. Nowadays, the expansion of eccentric alien words has brought fourth a variety of enigmatic words, which are interpreted voluntarily.

Advertising copywriting borrowed from English is now abridged in Russian to only one word copywriting. If original English advertising copywriting means "writing of advertising texts", the Russian-assimilated word copywriting covers a wide range of literary deliverables such as information and commercial offers, presentations, different types of instructions, advertising articles, corporative greeting cards, electronic pages, i.e. everything that is indispensable for any company success.

In addition to copywriting, we are pleased to offer our services for editing and proof-reading. Proof-reading of edited material, provision of lexical unification of different fragments in the text, correction of spelling and punctuation errors as well as rectification of semantic and stylistic mistakes, that’s what we are good at.

Proof-reading ensures a proper spelling, unified terms, symbols, measuring units, abbreviations, provides matching of designations in the text to the legends in illustrations as well as eliminates any ambiguity and improper paragraph split.

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Phone: +7 499 9408354
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