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Reconstruction of Web sites

Conversion of websites to CMS 1C-Bitrix: Website management

The speed of amendment, updating and replenishment of information placed in the Internet is growing from day to day. The life of every single website in the World-Wide-Web has reasonable transience. A well-done and attractive at first sight website, which by its author’s and developer’s concept was devised for a long life, turns out to be old-fashioned, short-lived and perceived at least as time-worn, if not as a full anachronism.

Any website should be useful and of interest to any user “just here and now”. For this purpose a day-to-day upgrading and a consistent development of the website is required.

A Content Management System (CMS) is generally used for updating information published at the site. Nowadays there is a great number of CMS - simple one and full of gadgets, shareware and fee-based SW, systems promoted by professional web-studios and systems made on laptops by freelancers. Handling some of them is systematic problem, being a source of permanent headache for website admin.

Bureau Bulengrin offers its services in the sphere of elaboration, reconstruction and transforming the websites to 1C-Bitrix: website management.

1C-Bitrix: site management is sophisticated software ensuring the management of Internet-programs of different purpose and scale, which are doomed to be long-lived with standing development. Wide functional capabilities and centralized competent support on the part of its developers provide a relatively low price of its servicing on the background of high functionality and security. Standardization, availability of a complete package of documents, aids and guidelines allow to exploit the website afterwards independently from the specific developer. Website administrators and editors, having no special knowledge in HTML programming and designing, will be able to manage the project, created on the basis of 1C-Bitrix: website management.

In order to transfer your website into 1C-Bitrix environment (website management), the only thing you need is to contact the Bureau Bulengrin.

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Web design, Corporate Website creation

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Phone: +7 499 9408354
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